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Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village

Sandwiched between its sister villages to the east and west, the borders of Greenwich Village are as debatable as where to find New York City's best bagel. Generally speaking, this centrally located neighborhood is bordered by 14th Street to the north, Houston to the south, Bowery to the east and Sixth Avenue to the west. Although, purists would say that the West Village is, in fact, part of Greenwich Village, and others might refer to the triangle between Bowery and Broadway as NoHo.

No matter the boundaries, this beautiful area has maintained its historic charm and Old New York character by largely eschewing the grid plan of 1811 and retaining a relatively low vertical profile with mid-rise apartment buildings, row houses and walk-up buildings. Washington Square Park acts as a gathering spot for neighborhood residents and as the ad hoc main quad for New York University, whose buildings surround the park to the north, east and south. NYU's expansive - and expanding - foothold in the area keeps the neighborhood vibe youthful and energetic, while occasionally sparking consternation among long-time residents.

Quirky and eclectic are the perfect descriptors for this popular district where comedy clubs, chic boutiques, fine dining and world-famous basketball courts coexist with one of the nation's premier academic institutions.

Neighborhood Highlights:

  • Although New York University is one of the city's largest landowners, it lacks a traditional campus, instead making Greenwich Village its grounds and Washington Square Park its campus green.

  • Like many Manhattan parks, Washington Square Park was a potter's field, and later a military parade gounds, before it became a park in 1827. In 1892, the iconic marble Washington Square arch was added to the Fifth Avenue entrance to commemorate the centennial of George Washington's inauguration.

  • NYU Skirball Center for Performing Arts is a modern 860-seat theatre hosting music, theater and dance performances.

  • The Public Theater , launched nearly 60 years ago, was one of the nation's first nonprofit theater groups and the founding institution behind the popular Shakespeare in the Park series.

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