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Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan

Encompassing the neighborhoods of Manhattanville, Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights, Hudson Heights/Fort George and Inwood, the northernmost tip of Manhattan is a region steeped in American history and flanked by lush clifftop and riverfront parks.

Unlike the area below 125th Street, Upper Manhattan is filled with steep hills and cliffs that give it a character unlike any other in the city. Bennett Park in Hudson Heights is the highest elevation point in Manhattan - just 40 feet lower than the Statue of Liberty's torch - which made it an ideal point of defense during the Revolutionary War (although the Continental Army eventually lost the Battle of Fort Washington in a crushing defeat).

Largely residential in scope, the neighborhoods of Upper Manhattan range from bustling, densely populated Washington Heights to pin-drop quiet expanses of Inwood and Hudson Heights lined with gorgeous Art Deco and Tudor pre-war apartment houses. Vast swaths of leafy parkland is found throughout the region, and transportation options are abundant. In fact, A trains run non-stop between 125th and 59th streets, putting midtown a mere 20 minutes away.

Neighborhood Highlights

  • Sixty-seven-acre Fort Tryon Park boasts breathtaking views of the New Jersey Palisades, George Washington Bridge, and Hudson and Harlem Rivers. Nestled in this cliff top landscape is The Met Cloisters , which houses the museum's medieval collection.

  • Riverbank State Park offers 28 acres of recreational facilities, including swimming pools, a covered skating rink, courts, ball fields and a running track.

  • Fort Washington Park meanders more than 2 miles along the Hudson River - from 155th Street to Dyckman Street - offering up-close views of the George Washington Bridge and The Little Red Lighthouse .

  • Highbridge Park runs alongside the Harlem River - also from 155th to Dyckman- and features a recreation center, swimming pools, mountain biking trails and its namesake High Bridge which provides bicycle and pedestrian access to the Bronx.

  • In the Jumel Terrace Historic District in Washington Heights, cobblestone streets surround turn-of-the-century row houses wrought in brick and wood. Nearby, Morris-Jumel Mansion - the oldest house in Manhattan - sits majestically atop Mount Morris.

Upper Manhattan Area Map