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Kaylin Whittingham

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Kaylin Whittingham brings with her the warmth and hospitality of the Caribbean Island, Jamaica, to the Real Estate Profession. A client-oriented professional for over 21 years, both in the hospitality and legal industries, she now joins Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New York Properties. Kaylin is excited to combine her love for people engagement, passion for negotiation and unquestionable legal acumen to serve her clients.

She is a well-respected leader in the legal community both locally and nationally. To name a few, she serves on the Executive Committee of the New York State Bar Association, Board of Governors for the National Bar Association, and Board of Advisors for the American Immigration Lawyers Association Ethics Compendium. Additionally, she chairs the New York City Bar Association Professional Discipline Committee and is the Immediate Past President of the Association of Black Women Attorney. Still, what many attorneys and judges in the New York City have turn to Kaylin for is her sound counsel as a trusted legal ethics advisor to them. Kaylin is known to WIN. She believes excuses are untenable. After practicing as an Ethics Prosecutor, she became defense counsel for both lawyers and judges and boast an impeccable record. Since 2014, she has obtained dismissals or private warnings for all clients she has represented through completion and just last year obtained dismissal of 7 of 10 charges brought against a client. Kaylin credits her "no stone left unturned" approach for her success as a fierce advocate-both as a prosecutor and as defense counsel. She now brings the same due diligence approach to her real estate career to accomplish the best results for her clients.

If you are wondering why Kaylin is leaving life as an attorney for that of a real estate professional, here is what she said: "I love beautiful designs-I am designing my own beautiful life; but, beyond that, I find immense satisfaction in discovering new places, listening to amazing and life changing stories shared by people from all walks of life, and helping individuals create new memories. I live my life to inspire, empower and engage others-being a shrewd attorney is but one of my talents-one stroke on the canvas." Kaylin has an insatiable appetite for excelling in challenging environments and redefining "norms" and "who can."

Now that she will be helping her clients find their next home, what does coming home means to Kaylin? In an interview in 2017 for the Book and World Exhibit: "200 Women who will make you change the way you see the world" (where she is featured), she said this: "the world is cruel outside and then you come home. I can put up a fight, day after day and battle outside; but I never want to do that at home. It is my safe haven." Kaylin is committed to helping you find the home you love and where you feel safe and at ease.

Kaylin graduated from Project REAP with a Certificate in Commercial Real Estate. In addition to her Law degree, she holds a Bachelor in Economics and another in English Literature. She was awarded the Black Women of Influence Trailblazer Award in 2016 and a Professional Achievement Award from the Association of Black Women Attorneys in 2017.

Kaylin believes in giving back to her Community. She serves on the Board of Unique Peoples Services-a nonprofit serving individuals with mental illness and HIV/AIDS. She has often spent her time advocating for immigrants, victims of domestic violence, women trying to reenter the workforce or serving meals to men at the Bowery Mission.

Kaylin lives in midtown Manhattan.

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